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5 reasons why Netflix binges are good for you

We’ve all been there – you’re three episodes into a new TV series on Netflix and swear to yourself that once you’ve finished the next episode you’ll seize the day and go outside. Three more episodes later and Netflix asks “Are you still watching?” At this point, you’re probably staring at yourself in the reflection of your screen and questioning what you’re doing with your life. But fear not! I have experienced this myself but now I’m choosing to embrace my Netflix binge watching days.

1.It gives you something to talk about. 
There is no better way to break the ice when meeting a person than to talk about a TV show you’ve both watched. Double friendship points if you’ve both reached the same episode and can discuss the entirety of a series. Most of my day at my old job consisted of discussing Breaking Bad and potential storylines that we thought may arise. Now just imagine how rubbish it was for the one person that hadn’t seen one episode and couldn’t join in the conversation. Netflix binges = friendships, it’s basic maths.

When someone doesn't have Netflix
When someone doesn’t have Netflix

2. You feel as though you’ve accomplished something.
Yes, in reality you’ve just spent the day in a horizontal position whilst eating snacks. However, finishing a TV series or a trilogy of films gives you so much satisfaction. You’ve battled those cliffhangers and come out as the champion. No longer will you have to worry about Gossip Girl and whether Dan Humphrey ends up with Blair or Serena, or wonder if Michael Scott will ever return to the US Office. You’ve got your closure and now you can carry on with your life (or just start again from season 1).


3. It makes you appreciate days that you actually leave the house.
As much as we all love a Netflix Binge, there is an inevitable sense of regret that you haven’t done anything deemed as “productive” that day. But this is a good thing! 1 day spent with Netflix can result in the next day being twice as productive to make up for any time wasted.


4. You learn new facts about a variety of topics. 
There are a huge amount of genres on Netflix so whatever your brain is craving to learn, there will be a programme to teach it. What have I learnt so far? Breaking Bad – Drug cartels are dangerous. The Blue Planet – There are some weird alien fish in the sea. American Horror Story – No matter how twisted Evan Peters’ character is, you’ll still find him loveable.


5. Netflix Binges are a great excuse for laziness.
Netflix Binges can be classed as an activity and a valid excuse for not going out. Telling your friends that you’re staying in tonight to finish watching Narcos is far more likely to be accepted over telling them that you’re staying in bed. Friends understand the importance of Netflix and won’t try to talk you out of it, whereas having an early night will quickly be criticised. Perhaps we’ve lost sight of what we truly need to be fully functional human beings but for the foreseeable future I’m happy to swap sleep for Netflix.


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