Revision Break

Best way to cope with revision stress? Animals!

I took a trip with my best friend to Woburn Safari Park and it was amazing. My favourite thing about it was seeing animals free to run around in huge enclosures – a nice change to zoos in which animals are often seen pacing in cages that are not fit for them.

Here are some of my favourite photos taken on the day!



5 Reasons why dogs are the best


I am obsessed with my dog, I’m one of those dog mothers that throws birthday parties for their canine child and smiles are dogs more than people in the street. Here are my top reasons for why dogs are the best things on this entire planet.

  1. They are always happy to see you. One of my favourite things about coming home is seeing my dog because I know he’ll always be over the moon to see me! It’s great coming home to your family but they’re not going to bound up to you every time you step through the front door. No matter how bad the day has been, seeing that hairy bundle of joy race towards you makes all of your problems disappear for at least a little while.
  2. When they do something remotely human it’s the best thing ever. From wearing clothes to eating from a fork to travelling in the car – if it’s not chasing a ball or sleeping in a dog bed, it’s fascinating to see.
  3. Dogs will celebrate anything with you. There is no other creature more enthusiastic than a dog and that’s why they are so loveable. You could just be curled up on the sofa and then start cheering happily and your dog will celebrate with you. No questions asked! Happy human = happy dog.
  4. They can read minds. My dog can pick up on my emotions all the time. He’s usually quite excitable but if I’m ever stressed or sad, his characteristics will change entirely and he’ll just settle his head on my lap. I’m pretty sure my dog is more capable of picking up emotions than most humans I know..
  5. Dogs will never cancel their plans with you. Have you got a walk through the woods scheduled for the weekend? A dog will never cancel because of a hangover or a Netflix binge. Truly man’s best friend. Equally, dogs are great for motivation. If it’s you in a hangover state, your dog will encourage you to actually leave the house and get some fresh air.
  6. They are all comedians. Who needs a TV when you have a dog?! They’re so fun to watch whether they are chasing after a ball or just having little dog dreams. Also, it’s hilarious watching dogs when they try to be mischievous (you’re pretty much guaranteed to let them get away with whatever havoc they are causing.)