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Self Care Tips 

Christmas is fast approaching and the first 25 days of December can be a bit of a whirlwind. So much of your time can be taken up by Christmas shopping or Christmas parties that it’s easy to forget to take some ‘me’ time and relax. I finally filled in my calendar for the next few weeks to find that I actually had very little time to myself! Here are some of my best self care tips to help you enjoy the festive season and not burn yourselves out

#1 Don’t choose the stressful option

A pretty simple tip but one that is easy to ignore. Whilst Christmas is my favourite time of year, it is also one of the most stressful! With a busy calendar and errands galore, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. However, with a little planning everything can go a lot more smoothly. Perhaps complete the bulk of your Christmas shopping online so that when you do go to the Christmas markets, you can actually enjoy the festivities instead of rushing about trying to find gifts. 

#2 You don’t have to attend every party 

Sometimes I forget that when I am invited somewhere I do have the option to say no. Christmas is a brilliant excuse for a couple of drinks after work and office parties, but it can also be a quick way to exhaustion. If you can hack going out every night then definitely go ahead and do it if it’s what you enjoy, I personally find that going out 24/7 results in me being miserable, sleep deprived and hungover – not very festive! Therefore, I am only attending events that I really want to go to. 

#3 You do not have to drink alcohol

This follows on nicely from #2, alcohol is not integral to having a good night. Now, I really enjoy drinking sociably and I have a healthy relationship with alcohol. Chances are that if I am out then I will be drinking. I am also comfortable with not drinking at social events. However, I have realised that quite often other people have an issue with this and will try to encourage me to drink. As I said, I have a healthy relationship with alcohol so I often shrug it off and don’t get tempted but this experience does make me feel sympathy to those trying not to drink but being pressured into doing so. My main advice would be to not draw attention to the fact that you’re not drinking – I’ll often have a fizzy drink, which people just assume is alcohol and I won’t get involved in rounds. The festive season is full of drinking but there are huge benefits to taking a break from alcohol – most notably I am much jollier the next day! 

#4 Focus on an exercise routine 

I sympathise with anyone that struggles to work out in the winter – staying at home watching Christmas films seems like a better alternative! But exercising can boost your mood considerably and make you feel like less of a Potato. Whenever I am trying to encourage myself to get active I always think that I won’t ever regret working out but I will regret wasting my time at home. Don’t let the cold weather stop you, wrap up warm and go for a walk or a run – having the cold air hit your face is oddly refreshing! Or if you are really committed to your Christmas movies then stream them from your phone and watch them at the gym. Your future self will thank you for it! 

#5 Treat yo’ self

Life is all about balance. So, whilst you should take care of your health also remember to enjoy yourself. For example, after my recent manic weekend, I had the most magnificent lazy day on Sunday. I slept in, walked my dog, ate biscuits, watched a Christmas film, played Lego Harry Potter, ordered a takeaway and then relaxed in the bath with a face mask. I felt so refreshed and ready for the week ahead! I find that when I have lazy days, it resets me and make me even more determined for the upcoming week to smash my fitness goals and eat well. 

What are your top self care tips? 

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My Favourite Vlogmas

December is a brilliant time because so many of my favourite YouTubers participate in Vlogmas. Last year I became so dedicated to Jenna Marbles’ Vlogmas series, ending up with me having ‘Be Our Guest’ stuck in my head for a lot of December. 

This year I am particularly excited for Niomi Smart’s Vlogmas series. I only recently discovered Niomi’s channel and I have no idea how I hadn’t stumbled across her before! The channel promotes a healthy and balanced lifestyle, I can honestly say it has inspired me so much to lead a healthier lifestyle. I am also really pleased that I have discovered it during the winter when my gym motivation is at an all time low – it’s far too easy to stay in the warmth of my home than drag myself to the gym after work! 

The main selling point of Niomi’s YouTube channel is Niomi herself – I want to be friends with her! She comes across as so kind and genuine, even vlogging her bad days to show that YouTubers are real people and not everything is as perfect as it may seem. Also, the Vlogs are very real. Sometimes it can feel as though YouTubers are performing – which they obviously are, nobody wants to watch a Vlog with no energy – but Niomi’s enthusiastic nature feels so genuine and it doesn’t feel as though she is putting on a false persona.

I will write another post soon with more Vlogmas suggestions but if you have any of your own then I’d love to hear them! 

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Merry Blogmas!!

For the first year in a while I am feeling so festive. I decorated my office door on Tuesday (don’t judge me – every person on my corridor has judged me enough!) and I’ve already watched my first Christmas film of the year. 

I have neglected blogging big time. Mostly due to a seemingly endless few months of job hunting and then starting my dream job. Despite having too much spare time before starting work, I couldn’t blog often because I wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Do any of you find blogging a lot easier when you’re feeling happy? I can write a long blog post if I’m in a bad mood and incredibly passionate about something but my mood whilst job hunting was very ‘meh’, I felt detached and quite useless.

But that’s over now so I will be attempting to blog everyday until Christmas, yippee! Hopefully I’ll be able to fit in a few YouTube videos too.. 

I’m very excited to start this challenge and hope a few of you follow my progress over the next few weeks.

Merry Blogmas to you all! 



I’ve done two political posts in a row so I figured I’d better do something a bit less downbeat! Here’s a little outfit of the day:



These beauties are an H&M special and my first adult pair of dungarees! I absolutely adore them and wear them throughout the year. In the summer I love to pair them with a casual tee or a crop top then in the winter I add a pair of tights and wear a turtle neck bodysuit or a cosy jumper. I’m going to invest in a black pair soon – dungarees are a wardrobe must have!


Tee & cake are forever providing me with little gems! My ex-boyfriend bought me this t-shirt when my avocado obsession was at its peak and I’m forever getting compliments on it. I love it because it’s an easy item to pair with anything. Whilst in Australia I regularly wore this with a pair of high waisted shorts and sandals. Tee & Cake provides a number of wardrobe essentials (even better, they even provide an emergency cake recipe on your label!)


Ah, my trusty Vans. They have seen better days but I love love love them. Aside from being the comfiest pair of trainers that I own, they instantly improve any outfit. I wear them with pretty much anything from jeans to dresses.


Return of the Gym Bunny


I’m back at the gym and I am so so so happy!

I’d been having problems with my knees whilst training for the marathon and 5 weeks before I was due to run I found out that I had osteoarthritis. I can’t describe the frustration of having to withdraw my marathon place! Following my 6 weeks recovery I noticed that there was absolutely no improvement in my knees so I reluctantly froze my gym membership and committed myself to walking my dog instead.

Buuuuuut now I’m back and I went to the gym for the first time yesterday. Surprisingly my strength is still around the same, only 5kg – 10kg less than before and my flexibility is the same in my right leg but so much worse in my left. The real shock was my cardio – I used to do 20 minutes on the step master as a warm up but yesterday I could barely do 5! Fingers crossed a few spin classes will get me back into the swing of things. It is absolutely crazy how much I missed it but I’m viewing my absence as a good thing because now I am even more determined to get back into a healthy lifestyle.

If any of you have some gym tips or similar experiences please do leave them in the comments!


Dry shampoo is my new best friend


Before you berate me – I am so late to the dry shampoo party I’m quite ashamed. I tried it before back in my brunette days and was not blown away by it; I found that my hair still felt horrible and that made me desperate to wash it.

Fast forward 4 years and I have converted to the dry shampoo way of life! I saw this bottle on offer in Boots and though I’d give it a go. I’d been reading a couple of reviews and a few people said that Batiste worked better on light hair rather than dark hair. From personal experience I can confirm that this is true! Additionally, Batiste is constantly making an appearance in dry shampoo recommendations so I knew it’d be a trusty brand.

After not washing my hair for two days I decided to give it a few dry shampoo sprays on the third day and I was incredibly impressed with the results. Not only did my hair look fresh, it even felt fresh! This is going to make my weekday work routine 10x easier now that I know I won’t have to spend my time frantically drying my washed hair. My only regret is not buying more bottles with various scents.

I’m aware that Batiste is on the budget end of the dry shampoo world so I’m eager to invest a bit more money and try some other brands, have any of you got any suggestions? Due to its affordable price, I’ll definitely be keeping a bottle in my bag at all times for an emergency hair boost.

Batiste will continue to hold a special place in my heart – you never forget your first dry shampoo. Get yours here: http://www.batistehair.co.uk



Harry Potter is more than just a story


I am so grateful to J.K. Rowling for dreaming up the magical world of Harry Potter whilst on a train journey between London and Manchester. It goes without saying, the storylines provide a form of escapism that encourages you to think outside of the box and truly embrace the fact that eventually good will triumph over evil (something that J.K. Rowling does on a daily basis against Twitter trolls). But there is more to it than an eclectic mix of characters and fancy spells.

I grew up with Harry Potter and it shaped my life, memories and relationships.

This post could honestly be the same length as my undergraduate dissertation (but I won’t put you through that!) Instead, here are key memories I have thanks to Harry Potter:

My brothers arguing over who got to read our copy of the book first. After Chamber of Secrets, my mum wised up and made the sensible decision of buying individual copies.

Following this, it led to a reading race in which my brothers would race each other to finish the book first. Heaven forbid any arguments happened mid-read because that would lead to spoilers galore! I’ve always been a bookworm but J.K. Rowling encouraged even the most disinterested child to pick up a book and immerse themselves in the fantasy world.

We spent endless Sunday afternoons together as a family watching the films. Specifically, I know the first three films off by heart due to my eldest brother having them on 24/7.

I remember seeing the first couple of films with my brother and my mum. I don’t know why but I always remember at the end of the Philospher’s Stone my mum turning to my brother and asking, “does Harry get on better with the Dursley’s when he gets home?” She sounded genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of the fictional wizard!

As I got a bit older, I began to go to see the films with my friends instead of my family. I’ll never forget being absolutely covered in goosebumps at the beginning of The Deathly Hallows. I’m not sure why but the 2 year wait for the film genuinely felt like a lifetime!

I remember watching the Order of the Phoenix at the first ever sleepover I had with a boy – we were both huge Harry Potter fans so it was the perfect evening! Fast forward 7 years and we ended up visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan together. I can’t describe the butterflies in my tummy I had whilst walking into my fictional paradise. We also binge watched all 8 films on the flight to Japan, best in-flight entertainment ever.

For my 19th birthday, my best friend and a different boyfriend surprised me with tickets to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. This was an incredible day out! Seeing the set design and the props in real life was absolutely fascinating. I even got to ride a broom! I’m going back next week for my 23rd birthday and cannot wait.

I know these memories don’t mean much to anyone else. I find it absolutely fascinating that a book and movie franchise could have such an impact on growing up. From being young enough to not be able to go to the cinema by myself to see the first movie, to being old enough to travel to Japan without my parents and experience the magic – Harry Potter has been a consistent presence in my life. I can’t quite articulate how special it is to me.

Thank you J.K. Rowling for playing a crucial role in the last 20 years of my life.